What to Eat After Training Session

After a strenuous training session, there’s nothing better than refueling your body with your favorite snack or meal. However, you don’t want to undo all of your hard work in the gym, so you’ll want to make sure What to eat after training. These are some of the best food options to treat yourself to following a workout, which will help to speed up your body’s recovery process. For best results, try to eat your post-workout snack or meal within about forty-five minutes of finishing your session.

Reducing calories to lose weight

What to Eat After a Training

A post-workout meal or snack is all about finding the perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat. For runners or cyclists, this is one of the best options to help you refuel after a workout and is a well-rounded and filling snack that will provide you with a good amount of calories and nutrients to help your body refuel. Ensure you are also keeping yourself hydrated during and following your workout, by drinking plenty of water and electrolytes drinks.

Hard-boiled Eggs with Multigrain Toast

If you’ve completed a strength or toning based workout, such as Pilates or barre, you’ll want to treat yourself to a snack that will help improve your strength and is high in protein. Within an hour of your workout, try to enjoy a couple of hard-boiled eggs with a slice of multigrain toast, which will give you the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein.

Yogurt and Fruit

If you need to help your tired muscles recover and increase your energy levels, try to find a protein-rich yogurt as your snack base. This can then be topped with nuts and fruit for additional energy and carbohydrates. This is also a great snack option for pre-workout, and Greek yogurt is one of the best foods to help increase your daily protein intake.


Investing in a high-quality protein powder is essential for anyone who regularly does strength or weight training sessions. Following any strength training session, you need to aid your muscles in their recovery by consuming protein, while also adding carbohydrates into the mix. Smoothies are one of the best options for this type of recovery, and you can prepare these easily at home without spending a fortune in expensive smoothie bars. Find a flavored protein powder that you enjoy drinking, and mix it with milk and a banana for a well-rounded post-workout snack.


Consider an omelette made with eggs and vegetables if you are looking for something a little more substantial after your high-intensity workout. Eggs are nutrient-rich and offer many benefits for recovery for your body. This is an excellent option following a morning workout, and you can enjoy an omelette for breakfast afterwards to help set you up for the day and get a good dose of your daily protein intake.

Refueling after a workout is essential for muscle growth and repair, and should never be skipped in an attempt to lose weight. By selecting a well-rounded snack that’s high in carbohydrates and protein, you’ll feel re-energized and help your body on its way to recovery ahead of your next workout.