Hit Workout: Get Your Hottest Body With These Must-Try Workouts

When you go to the gym for Hit Workout, are you one of those people who spends 45 minutes on the treadmill or bike before doing anything? Do you think that this is the only safe way of burning calories? If so, then keep reading!

The truth is that there are more effective ways for weight loss. We at Boldsky are going to present you with them – one of them being the “hit workout”.

The hit workout is a high-intensity training method that has many advantages over conventional workouts. It can be used by anyone, no matter if male or female, old or young. The only thing you need is your motivation!

And now let’s see what are these advantages!

What Is A Hit Workout?

hit workout

The hit workout technique was developed in the sixties by Dr. Izumi Tabata, an exercise scientist. He claimed that if you work out intensely for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest, you would get better results in much less time.

Thinking about it, it does sound a bit crazy. After all, you are resting half of the total work period. But if you give this method a chance, you will see that it’s the most effective way to burn calories!

An example of a HIT workout would be running sprints for 20 seconds and then walking to recover for 10 seconds before starting again.

Or biking at maximum intensity for 20 seconds and then resting 10 seconds before you start again.

Can HIIT Workout Build Muscle?

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Now that we have talked about the technique, should you lose hope that it will not help you build muscles? Well, here’s some good news!

Many studies show that HIT is an effective way to build muscles, as well. Since you work out intensely for short periods of time, your body gets the signal that it needs to adapt and become stronger. So next time you go to hit workout, don’t forget about weights!

What Are The Benefits?

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Just like any other type of exercise, HIT has many benefits. Not only will you lose weight and build muscles, but you will also strengthen your heart, become more flexible and increase your metabolism.

So if you want to reach all of these targets in much less time, then hit workout is the right choice for you!

Now that we have talked a lot about HIT, let’s go through some examples so that it’s easier for you to understand how it works.

– Riding a bicycle at maximum intensity for 30 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of a rest period. Repeat this 6 times. This means that you will spend 20 minutes cycling in total – 10 minutes more than with conventional exercise!

Running fast on the treadmill for 20 seconds, then resting for 40 seconds, and repeating 8 times. This will be a 20-minute workout – 10 minutes more than usual!

This type of exercise is not meant for everyone. If you suffer from some sort of disease or weakness, please consult your doctor before starting to do HIT. And if you have any doubt about something, go and see your trainer at the gym.

In conclusion, HIT is a great alternative for high-intensity workouts. It will keep your body healthy and strong in a short period of time. So what are you waiting for? Go to the gym and start doing a hit workout!