Gym Equipment

If you’ve just returned to the gym or are starting to work out at a gym for the first time, it can be difficult to know which pieces of equipment are worth incorporating into your exercise routine. There’s an overwhelming range of equipment in most gyms nowadays, all of which can help target different aspects of your fitness and various body parts. Follow our guide below to know which pieces of gym equipment are worth adding into your workout routine to get the results you are looking for this year.

Gym Equipment : Cardio Machines

The most common cardio machine in the gym, and one which you may want to consider adding to your home, is a treadmill. Most machines nowadays have a motorized treadmill, and you’ll want to find a machine with a strong motor and a long and wide belt. If you are looking to reduce the pressure on your joints, elliptical trainers are a good impact-free alternative, which won’t put so much pressure on your ankles and knees. For a full-body workout, rowing machines are a fantastic choice, as they work out your arms and back as well as your legs, which you don’t get from treadmills or elliptical trainers.

For another low-impact workout, try the stair steppers, which replicate the motion of climbing stairs. These can be quite hard work when you first use them, and if you have any issues with your knees, are not worth using. However, they can provide a fantastic workout for your legs and glutes, and you can adjust the settings to continue to challenge yourself as you progress. For individuals of any fitness level, the stationary bike is one of the best pieces of equipment in a gym, and it’s easy to get started on without any prior experience. It doesn’t offer as strenuous a workout as the treadmill but is a more comfortable cardio workout for beginners.

Gym Equipment

Strength Equipment

Gyms are equipped with expensive pieces of strength building equipment, many of which would be impossible to fit in any normal home. At the gym, you’ll be able to create a full workout plan using their equipment, which can give you a full-body workout. However, if you are looking to build your strength at home, a few simple pieces of equipment are worth investing in. Ankle weights and hand weights are great for building strength and adding an extra challenge to your current workout. Either choose a single weight or buy a set of weights to help you progress as your strength increases.

For core exercises and stretching, an exercise mat is a worthwhile investment, and it’s best to try and find one which is non-slip and slightly padded. To go with your new mat, resistance bands are a low-cost piece of workout gear which can provide a great test for your body. It’s easy to measure your progress with this type of equipment as you increase your repetitions and adjust your body positioning to give yourself more of a challenge.

While you certainly don’t need any gym equipment to get started, a lot of people find they are far more motivated working out in a well-equipped gym or with aids to assist them. The right equipment can help build your strength and cardiovascular endurance and get you one step closer to your fitness goals.