2022 Fitness Training Basics

If you are looking to put together a new Fitness Training plan for yourself this year, make sure you create a balanced regime that incorporates the most important elements of good health and fitness. Regardless of your current fitness level, by creating a well-rounded plan that focuses on different parts of your health and fitness, you’ll be able to increase your fitness levels and see results quicker than you would by just focusing on one area.

Strength Fitness Training

Strength training is essential for improving your muscular fitness and increasing your bones’ strength. Many individuals find that strength training helps them to be able to complete everyday tasks much easier, so it’s recommended to incorporate a minimum of two sessions of strength training into your routine each week. If you work out at a gym, consider using their resistance machines, but otherwise, body weight exercises or using hand-held weights at home are a great alternative.

Cardio Fitness Training

Cardio or aerobic fitness can come in many different forms and is an integral part of any good fitness training routine. It will improve your heart and lungs’ efficiency and allow you to go through everyday life with more ease. If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, walking, jogging, and swimming are easy and inexpensive activities that will help to increase your heart rate.

Abdominal Strength

Core stability exercises should be included in any training plan, as they’ll help to protect your back and make training of any sort far easier. You’ll find that as your abdominal strength increases, so does the use of your lower and upper body muscles. Add a short abdominal workout into your routine a few times a week with moves such as planks, sit-ups and Russian twists.


Fitness Training

Improving your flexibility is important regardless of what type of fitness you are passionate about. It can make daily life much easier and reduce your chance of injury. Stretching, especially yoga and Pilates classes, can also reduce your stress levels, which we all need nowadays. Following every workout, add in five to ten minutes of stretching to begin with, and consider devoting a day of your workout plan to a yoga class or stretch class.


One element of fitness training that is so often overlooked is balance. Balance is crucial in our day-to-day lives, particularly so as we get older. Try adding in a few simple balancing exercises at the end of your workout routine or taking part in a yoga or tai chi class, which will help to challenge your balance further.

Creating a well-rounded fitness plan is essential for you to see good improvements to your fitness and health, and will also minimize your risk of injury. By using the five elements listed above as the basis of your training plan, you’ll create a varied and interesting routine that you’ll enjoy doing every week. It can be so tempting to skip stretching or balancing practice, but they’ll help you to maintain your mobility and movement later on in life.