Exercises To Train Your Abdominal Muscles

A lot of people love strong and good looking abdominal muscles. Nobody likes big belly fats. A sign of abs or flat tummy shows that you’re doing quite well in your fitness journey.

Likewise, strong muscles around your abdominal region will make activities easier with no back pains. This is because your trunk (core) affects your posture and balance. Strong muscles support your spinal cords and promote your fitness life.

But, before we get to know the different exercises for a stronger core, here are some of these abdominal muscles:

  • Multifidus: This muscle is located at your back for spine support
  • Obliques: The oblique is responsible for the bending of your trunk
  • Erector Spinae: This is also a back muscle that helps you to stand upright from a bend.

Here are the various exercises you have been waiting for.

6 Powerful Exercises That Will Train Your Abdominal Muscles

1.   Plank

This exercise is practically the simplest and most conditioning workout for abdominal muscle training. The plank position definitely takes up strength in your abs and back.

While targeting the core, it enhances balance and supports the right posture of your body. Your shoulders, legs, and arms are also strengthened during this exercise.

2.   Crunches for Abdominal Muscles

For people with low back pain, this exercise is right for you. It strengthens your back when done with care.

You have to lift your upper body to work and strengthen the muscles around your abdominal region.

Crunches give a strong back and abs that are the beginning of your movements and performance in athletics.

3.   Side Bend

With this exercise, the trunk muscles and the obliques are activated. You can also work your arms in the process.

This is an indoor exercise. It can be done in your bedroom or hotel room, practically anywhere that allows you to feel the burn around your muscles.

Train Your Abdominal Muscles

4.   Supine Toe Tap

The Supine Toe Tap is one of the basic forms of a Pilates exercise. It is also targeted at the abdominal muscles. The core muscles are all involved during the working of the hips and legs.

This pilate exercise is another unique substitute to crunches for back pains. It will only place small pressure on your spine that will help fix the pain.

5.   Mountain Climber

This is a fast and easy exercise that involves the plank and the moving of your knees in an up and downflow. Just like climbing a mountain with your hands on the floor, and your face down.

It is an exercise that ensures balance and strengthening of the abdominal region. For best results, the core is usually tightened during the plank.

6.   Bird Dog for Abdominal Muscles

The bird dog exercise involves both muscles from the back and abdomen. This makes it easy for the core to be strengthened. It also supports the balance and stability of the body.


Abdominal muscle strengthening exercises are a good way for you to push forward into a normal exercise routine, as a beginner or not.

If perhaps you have an internal injury at your back or abdominal region, contact your training instructor before you can safely carry out any core exercise.